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Musical Mischief in March

Here in NY March always makes me feel as though I survived some kind of test. It really has been such a mild, beautiful winter, but cabin fever always gets the best of me! All I can say is I'm so thankful to have music in my life. It keeps me going through the good, the bad and the ugly. And February. So! We're at Saltbox tonight - Mar 3, I'm heading to Montauk right after I write this! I'll be at 1 North the 16th & 23rd this month, then the grand finale will be to sing with Erin and Jan at the fabooluos Nancy Atlas show March 31st at Baystreet Theatre! Wahoooo!! Bring it baby!!!

Before I run, I'm going to share a couple videos from a night that Erin & I went down to this cool little bar & restaurant called Greyhorse Tavern in Bayport. My dear old friend, Dave March from from one of my favorite bands, Miles To Dayton, runs a great open mic on the last Tuesday of each month. Erin & I wanted to go out for some week day musical mischief and we did a couple songs. It was really late by the time we played, but we really enjoyed being a part of it. I think we may be doing some gigs at Greyhorse, too. I hope so!

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