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Arizona, Ah Sedona

When I was 6 years old my parents loaded up our '63 Volvo and left Long Island, New York for Los Angeles, California. The journey lasted 7 days, and I remember me and our dog Denver sharing the back seat the whole way. And just before reaching our destination we stopped to stay with friends in Sedona, Arizona. Although I was only 6, some of the experiences I had while we were in Arizona were memories that will be with me forever. The short, strangely dressed beings with giant eyes and heads shaped like eggs that visited me one night in my bed will always haunt me. I still wonder if I was dreaming or if I was really visited. Either way, I can't say that it was a pleasant experience.


She was 6 years old learning the ways of the road

and her daddy said let's do this before we get old

all my hopes all my dreams are waiting for me there

if I don't take a chance I'll never be where their in the air

and I can breathe

Arizona, Ah Sedona


Off season motels, September roads in the fog

And Indian drum, sleep in the back with the dog

Seven days in the back of a '63

Everything good in our lives was ahead of me

waiting to see what I can be

Arizona, ah Sedona

Arizona, 3 days to Sedona

is it a sin to jump and rush in when you don't even know where you're goin

is it a crime to leave it behind when you don't really know where you've been

by the black widow creek visitors came from the sky

and the doorways they brang all disappeared with the light

rattle snakes in the path a bright mountain sun

lights in September night sky left her undone the only one

time to leave

Arizona, ah Sedona

Arizona 3 days to Sedona

Arizona, ah Sedona

Arizona 3 days to, 3 hours to, 3 miles to Sedona

Point the map to the west to the coast where the sun shines the most

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