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Music has always been a part of singer, songwriter & guitarist, Jessie Haynes life. During her toddler years you might’ve found her mimicking bits of classical pieces she’d heard her father playing on his piano, or asleep on the pillow in the kick drum of his band in their basement. The daughter of Richard Gilks, writer for KPM/EMI, Haynes was born on Long Island, NY.

At age 6, her parents loaded up their ’63 Volvo & drove to LA, where Jessie did most of her growing up, in Echo Park, forming local garage bands until they moved back to NY at age 15. A few short years later, Haynes founded & became lead guitarist & primary songwriter for the all-female rock band, “Sweet Little Sister.” While promoting their release on CMI Records, the band opened for acts such as Johnny Winter, Leslie West & Mountain, Baby Animals, Randy Jackson of Zebra, Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, The Barefoot Servants & more, as well as contributing to countless benefits & festivals all over Long Island, Manhattan, upstate New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Haynes also formed a 4 piece acoustic, all female band to work on Long Island called Loona while SLS was popular, managing booking & promotion for both groups.

During this time, Haynes was hired to perform on rhythm guitar & backing vocals for “Blackmore’s Night,” legendary Ritchie Blackmore’s latest project with Candice Night. During her 3 years as a member of Blackmore’s Night, the band promoted the first CD, “Shadow of the Moon,” touring overseas, shooting videos & preparing for the next release, “Under a Violet Moon.” Also during this time, Haynes completed her first solo release, Produced by Bill Sperl, entitled, “Sticky Silver Spoon.”

Haynes made numerous live appearances on radio & TV with both Blackmore’s Night & Sweet Little Sister and has done vocal & musical session work for such artists as Zacherly, Taylor Barton & GE Smith and her songs have been featured on such American favorites as “Friends,” “Access Hollywood,” “America’s Most Wanted,” & on “Nickelodeon,” as well as around the world. She was invited to spend a summer managing the musical production of young new acts for Famous Artists Management in Manhattan in 2000. Haynes is an active part of her local music scene as well, hosting Musicians Showcases, frequenting jam nights & performing.
Fall of 2005 has brought the release of a live album entitled, “Jessie Haynes & Cowgirl Ecstasy, Live at the Limelight.” The band is calling this collection “Our Own Bootleg,” because it was recorded live at the first annual Ritchie Blackmore Convention in Crewe, England in October 2004 and has short excerpts in between songs. Also available digitally & in hard copy is “Jessie Haynes & Cowgirl Ecstasy, Limited Compilation,” which was released in October 2004 at the Convention.
Also to Jessie’s credit is a 10-song collection, recorded in collaboration with writer, producer, musician & engineer, Stephen Palmer. “Radio Wav’s” was created as a response to the many inquiries made by artists in need of material. While Haynes & Palmer each have had experience touring & in the studio with other projects, together they’ve created a fresh sound that allows them to explore their creative influences without losing their pop sensibility. Radio Wav’s includes tracks in the Pop, Rock, Dance, Ballad & Soundtrack genres. With this compilation complete, the duo went on to record “Radio Wav’s Volume 2″ and Haynes made guest appearances on Palmer’s self released master mind, “The Alliance.”

2007 brought life to Jessie’s own self recorded & released creation, “The Secret Life of Cinderella.” This 14 track collection is an eclectic balancing act, mixing acoustic folk, tasty electric guitar work with lyrical Neopagan undertones. She has showcased her music at New York City’s Pagan Pride Day, as well as The Patchogue Theatre, The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, and created a new ‘Night of Musical Magickal Mischief” called Open Path Gathering, which combines open mike, featured performers & Neo-Pagan holiday celebrations.

2008 brought a new release by Richard Gilks, The American Heritage, (KPM) which Jessie made a guest background vocal appearances on, and is available for television & movie use through KPM. 2009 brought the release of a new CD, “Escaping Boundaries,” by Jim Fargiano & Jessie Haynes. The CD has a collection of instrumental music and guided meditations which Fargiano & Haynes collaborated on. Jessie released “Vampire Kiss” in 2010. She spent 5 years hosting a monthly night of music at the Historic Vail-Leavitt Music Hall called Original Voices at the Vail in Riverhead where she managed and booked as well as performed. A second collaboration "Stepping Beyond Boundaries",  with Psychic/Medium, Jim Fargiano was released in February 2017.

Jessie is currently performing her original music, as well as playing in The Barroom Girls (acoustic covers), The Vendettas (rockabilly) and with Marigrace Dineen's band (rock covers and originals).



Stepping Beyond Boundaries: Jim Fargiano & Jessie Haynes, 2017
Katie Pearlman, Girls Like Us, 2011
Jessie Haynes: Vampire Kiss, 2010
Escaping Boundaries: Jim Fargiano & Jessie Haynes, Ceridwen Records, 2009
Original Voices at the Vail: Compilation 2, The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, 2008
Live in the Lobby Volume 1: Patchogue Theatre, 2008
Original Voices at the Vail: Compilation 1, The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, 200
Richard Gilks: The American Heritage, KPM 2008
Jessie Haynes : The Secret Life of Cinderella, 2007
Zacherley: 2006, Soundtrack
Jessie Haynes & Cowgirl Ecstasy :,Live at the Limelight (Our own Bootleg!), 2005
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Jessie Haynes & Stephen Palmer: Radio Wav’s Volume II, 2005
Jessie Haynes & Cowgirl Ecstasy: Limited Edition Compilation, 2004
Lovebots: Debut, 2003
Jessie Haynes & Stephen Palmer: Radio Wav’s Volume, 2002
Taylor Barton: 13 Break Ups FEATURES: “13 Break-Ups”, “In Your Kiss” (Duet with Edie Brickell), The Drooler
Peter Taylor & Jessie Haynes: Taylor’s Muse, Natural Records 2000
Richard Gilks, Rock Cafe, USA , Sonoton 1998
Jessie Haynes: Sticky Silver Spoon, 1998
Blackmore’s Night : Live In Germany (Minstrel Hall Music Video)
First official live Blackmore’s Night video. Not available in the shops. Mainly recorded at Köln 1997. Also includes acoustic session, interviews, backstage scenes, wardrobe scenes & medieval scenery. Running time: 70 mins
Blackmore’s Night : Behind The Music – Shadow Of The Moon
(Minstrel Hall Music Video)
First official Blackmore’s Night video. Not available in the shops. A documentary video on the making of the album, shows Ritchie at home with his guitar collection. Features three full length videos for ‘Renaissance Faire’, ‘No Second Chance’ & ‘Shadow Of The Moon’.
Loona: Live ’95 – ’96 Compilation
Sweet Little Sister : Debut , 1995
Sweet Little Sister : Live Volume l , 1991 – 1996 Compilation
Sweet Little Sister :Live Volume II (Live On the Air) , 1991 – 1996 Compilation
Sweet Little Sister : Live Volume III (Live On the Road), 1991 – 1996 Compilation
Sweet Little Sister : Live Volume IV (Live On the Road), 1991 – 1996 Compilation
Zacherley : Dead Man’s Ball, Soundtrack 1996