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COVER BANDS -  Erin Doherty Duo / Barroom Girls Trio / Loonachix


Our duo, trio or full band features Erin Doherty on vocals, with Jessie Haynes and Jan Hanna on guitar and is available for all events and special occasions, including Private Parties, or even for entertainment in your bar or restaurant.

Our years of experience in the music industry have given us a strong collection of music which includes soft & classic rock, pop, R&B and country. We pride ourselves in our ability to be very conscious of quality of sound and volume levels. Whether you are interested in the duo, or you are looking for a trio or full band, we can bring beautiful live music during your event, utilizing a state of art sound system.

Booking Inquiries:    (631) 514-9375     Location: Eastern Long Island, NY

"Valerie" (Amy Winehouse/Zutones)

"Moondance" (Van Morrison)

Erin Doherty Trio

Angel From Montgomery Live at Grey Horse Tavern

My band mates playing some Irish classics

COVER BANDS -  Loonachix Acoustic Duo, Trio, Full Band

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Former members of Long Island's all female groups Sweet Little Sister and Loona come together to play rock classics from Zeppelin, Joplin, Hendrix & more.

© 2014 Jessie Haynes

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