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A Beginning (A song for Samhain)

Here in NY the air is finally beginning to get that fall crispness to it. Bright orange pumpkins are everywhere, and it's bittersweet to watch the leaves change color, knowing that they'll be making their final descent soon. Oh wont you stay with us, just a little longer?!

A Beginning is a song I wrote one fall, about accepting the passage of time with grace, which I find I'm struggling to do this month. It's not that I'm not happy where I am in my life, on the contrary I'm happy on a whole new level, which oddly enough has something to do with the passage of time in my life. It's just that there's been so much loss, that it's hard not to look over your shoulder, longingly. I know that they're all still here with me, just on a different plane. But sometimes I just really want to pick up the phone and hear their voices!!!

So here's the song & the lyrics. Not an ending, a beginning ....

A Beginning - Lyrics

She is lying in her room, candles in the darkness underneath a waning, Samhain moon Gentle voices, faded mirror whispering what she already knows It's time to keep on moving Branches reach like years behind her The light of afternoon was on the land as far as she could see Through the blinding mist and twilight Not an ending, a beginning...

Autumn leaves from Northern skies blanketing her eyes amidst the world of woven trees and golden leaves She takes to the starry skies, robes trailing, arms stretched to the light that only she can see

Branches reach like years before her Though the sky was clouding over the light of sister moon was on the land as far as she could see Leading through the mist and twilight Far beyond the western seas Not an ending, a beginning...

Branches reach like years before me Though my eyes are clouding over The light of Summerland is on the earth as far as I can see, through the thinning veil and stardust, Far beyond these earthly dreams, though I walk this road alone Not an ending, a beginning

Players: Jessie Haynes: vox & guitars, keys Stephen Palmer: keys, bass Tracy Hamilton: Drums & percussion C 2010 ASCAP/Jessie Haynes/Rock Toast Music

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