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🌟New Barroom Girls Videos

Erin & I had such a fun night recording some new videos! We tried out Erin's new, super cool mic, and it was definitely a learning experience. As always, lol!

Here is a crazy note… One of the songs that we did was "Lyin Eyes," by Eagles. It was all fine and dandy for a few weeks and then I got a notice saying that there was a copyright issue and it was taken down. On YouTube there is a copyright check that happens as part of the process when you are uploading a song. Obviously when you list a cover song, it's listed as such and you can't make any money off of it but that's not the point, right? We just want to play these great songs. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that Lyin Eyes was taken down and it actually was listed as a strike against my channel as if I had Intentionally posted a song that I wasn't allowed to use. Too bad! I love that song!

With that said, here is a playlist of all of the Barroom Girls songs. Hope you enjoy!


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