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"Nottingham," by "Merlin," Richard Gilks’ folk rock band in 1972.

This is the early music of my father, Richard Gilks. His band, Merlin, played in the Huntington, New York area in the early 70s before he relocated to Los Angeles. Nottingham is one of my favorite songs. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to create a video, simple as it is, to share this song. The arrangements and collaboration of all of the talented musicians is something special. I hope you enjoy it. Please share it and comment with your thoughts. You can also find more of my dad's music and info at

PS My dad is the guy with the lute shaped guitar, and the dog was my beloved best friend, "Denver," who I spent 7 days in the back of a '63 Volvo with when we moved from NY to CA when I was 6, in my song, "Arizona."

For this recording Merlin was:

Richie Gilks: lead vocal, guitar, piano

Janice Hubbard: vocal, guitar, oboe, banjo

Jim Palmer: guitar, flute, mandolin, bass

Wayne Brusseau: vocal, bass

Ben Clinesmith: cello

Russ Lister: drums Jan Uvena also played with the group on drums.


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