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A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

April is light on gigaroos as fellow band mates take well earned trips and book summer dates. I did get to do a long overdo show with one of my favorite musical besties, Jan Hanna, which I enjoyed so much! And I'm going to get to do that again soon, but more on that in a mo...

I'm taking advantage of the "down" time (haha?! does anyone ever really have down time anymore?!) by learning new covers for the upcoming 'Hamptons-Shmamptons' (And I say that with the deepest affection!) season of musical mischief and chaos. I love learning new songs almost as much as I love writing songs. Cover gigs are a ton of fun for me, and it gives me a thrill to watch my library of music grow. I get mesmerized by the way a song is arranged, produced, and the many layers or lack of that can make music magic happen. I love ALL types of music, and go through phases and kicks, like looking up 80's songs on YouTube for hours. (All hail YouTube!) This winter when I was up at night, too wired to sleep and needing to keep quiet so the rest of the house could hit the hay I started going through my iPad... Yep, you heard me IPAD! :~) It was about time to sort through the songs and get them edited and reorganized. Turns out I have over 200 songs in the rock, pop, country and R&B genres that I do with Erin alone. Pretty cool, I think!! Anyway, April is coming to a close soon, and I'll be celebrating with my kids, who are both spring babies, and looking forward to more gigs in May. I'll be at my favorite local haunt, 1 North Steakhouse on May 4th and 18th with Erin, and on Saturday, May 12th I'm looking forward to a rare show with Erin and Jan Hanna at a great little place in Bayport called the Grey Horse Tavern. Erin and I went there to sing at my friend Dave March's open mic and discovered a room full of fellow music lovers. Our kinda place! The trio gigs only happen a couple times a year at best, so I reeeally can't wait for this show! We'll be doing our favorite harmony covers, as well as some Jessie Haynes originals, Erin Doherty originals, and lately we have been loving to play some Nancy Atlas originals ... we're hooked!!

Would love to see you there! Thanks for taking the time to read my musical update.

Enjoy the day!


over 200 songs over 200 songs

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