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October? Ok enough said! Here ya go … "A Bit About Vincent Price"

In October of 2006 my band and I went to England to play at the Ritchie Blackmore Convention. This song, "Dracula" was recorded live there. It seemed fitting to dedicate the video for it to one of my all time favorite actors, Vincent Price.

"A rainy day. I'm stuck at home. I should go to work. I think I'll stay alone. My old black and whites are all I really need. They seem to understand the dark side in me to a tee. It takes my breath away ....

I love Vincent Price. He's alright. Take's 'em slow. I think Renfield's deep. I'm a creep. Now you know. I've got monster pride. It's alive! I'm his bride. It gives me a rush. It's a crush. Dracula"

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