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The Letter

The Letter

Dear A,

Tell me have you seen what you've left behind? There's a trail of tears where the sun should shine.

Can you help me find my face? Can you help me see the truth? Cause today I found another mask. And I got them all from you.

Dear B, Put your name right here. I can't seem to write it down.

There's a letter that I've hid for years. It's still the one you found.

Can you help me find my way? Can you help see the truth? Cause I find it hard to doubt a face that's as beautiful as you.

Dear C,

I can't hold them in. But they're your secrets, so I wont say I know you think that he's your only friend. But you made sure it's that way. Can you help me find the looking glass? Cause I"m ready to go home.

You know the Queen of Hearts will cut you off and climb a tower of her own.

Dear Me, I'll tell you what I've learned.

That the ones who never trust are the ones who can not be trusted.

And the ones who collect hurt.

I could have helped you find the day

I could have helped you through the night.

And every day I find a new candle but you put out your own light.

You put out your own light.

Dear C.

Dear B,

Dear Me

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