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Wasting Time Again / The Pajama Chronicles 2020

What can we say as we tread these strange waters? We're surrounded by a sea swirling with fear, uncertainty and disbelief. The new slogan is 'Stay Safe at Home" and all around us we see things changing faster than we can comprehend.

Personally I feel that if we are lucky enough to be healthy we should do our best to try to make the most of this time at home. It WILL pass, and we'll look back and think of all those things we could've accomplished. It's hard for me personally because I want to help stop what's happening. I want to go door to door an be sure there are no elderly people alone, that everyone has food, that no person or pet is being neglected. So it makes it extra hard for me to focus on anything personal that I could accomplish. But I am trying to be proactive by taking care of myself and my family, and by doing little things for everyone each day.

One of the things I can do is to spread a little music during this time. My first song choice was "Wasting Time Again." Besides the title being obviously appropriate for this time, I knew that it would strike a chord with some friends that hadn't heard it in years. I wrote it when I was in Blackmore's Night. It has nothing to do with Blackmore's Night, though, lol. It was just a time in my life. Sadly I did a great recording of it at that time but it never got mixed or mastered for release and the files are not in my possession. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

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