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Remembering My Dad, Rich Gilks on Father's Day and the Solstice.

Remembering my dad, Rich Gilks who died 7 years ago on fathers day, which also happened to be the Solstice that year. He was a quiet man, with sharp green eyes, and his music and love will always be with me. As a young girl I’d lay in bed at night falling asleep to the sound of his haunting melodies ringing from his piano and my eyes would literally drip tears because it was so sad and beautiful. He wrote many kinds of music over his career, but my favorite will always be his earliest stuff, when he was still singing his heart out in a band called Merlin. Some of my favorite songs are “Nottingham”, “The Movie Song” and ”Wild Eyed Lady” which has a fantastic intro. You can have a listen on his website if you’re interested. Cheers dad, I love and miss you. Thanks for everything.

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