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Three Nights, Three Souls: Backing Up Blackmore's Night's Magic (2023 Shows)

Honey, let me tell you, the last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of velvet capes, vintage keys, and enough musical alchemy to turn my grandma Skechers into rocket boots. I've spent the last few weeks as a backing vocalist and guitar with the one and only Blackmore's Night, a journey that took me from Albany's "The Egg" theatre to the haunted echoes of a Homer church (don't worry, we brought sage!), and finally, under the starry sky of Bergen Performing Arts Center. Each show, a portal to a different realm, each note painting a new universe.

The Egg: Swathed in red velvet and anticipation, "The Egg" felt like a jewel box, ready to burst with sound. The energy crackling between us and the audience was electric, every soaring chorus met with cheers that warmed even my most seasoned stage nerves. Ritchie conjured spells with his guitar, and Candice Night's voice wove through the air like whispered moonlight. I swear, I saw fairies dancing in the spotlights.

Haunted Church: Now, Homer's old church, that was something else. Stepping onto that stage, you could practically feel the whispers of hymns past, the creaking floorboards groaning with stories. As the music filled the space, chasing away the chills, it felt like a cleansing, a shared communion between us, Blackmore's Night's amazingly dedicated audience and the resident spirits. By the end, the church felt alive, pulsating with the joy of creation, past and present.

Bergen PAC: And then there was Bergen. We sang of fires and moons, of lost loves and gypsy tears, and the audience held onto every word, swaying like moonlit trees. It was pure magic, the kind that lingers in your bones long after the last note fades.

Three nights, three faces of the same musical tapestry. It's a privilege, you know, to stand behind legends like Ritchie and Candice, to add my own thread to the vibrant weave of their music. To watch the crowd lose themselves in the story, to become one with the melody, the rhythm, the soul laid bare on that stage. It's a reminder that music is a living thing, a river that carries you away and deposits you on shores you never knew existed.

So here's to Blackmore's Night, to those three unforgettable shows, and to the magic that happens when voices blend, instruments unite, and a thousand souls breathe in unison. It's a melody I'll carry with me, a sweet echo in the chambers of my heart, long after the curtain falls. And I'm eternally grateful to all of the cool people I get to meet and share our love for music with along the way.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a feather boa and a minstrel song to practice. The show must go on, darlings, and the music, well, the music never truly ends. Can't wait to see you at the next magical, musical adventure!


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